Hospital thought of the day!

As the night goes by, I wait to see or hear anything that would make me say, “wow, are you serious!”.

It was a typical Sunday night that had me bored as hell. But I did enjoy how it was not busy at all. I was just listening to my coworkers and I kept on working.

As where I thought when the night was going to end without anything amazing happening, I little girl, about 9 years old, was walking with crutches and she tells her mom to hold on because she is knew to these crutches. It sounded normal and all. But as soon as she tells her mother to slow down, she quickly said to her mom “hurry up mom am not getting any younger!” Between my coworkers and myself, we all started laughing! It what I was waiting for all night.

As my night was coming to a close, I left pleased to have witnessed something adorable. My wow factor!


The life of a baseball mom!

Running a 7/8 baseball team is not what you think, easy! These boys love the sport! In my team there some boys that Are really good and others that need work!

What are your most memorable memory of your child playing little league?

Bridal depression!

How to get your bride out of depression? My bride is in a deep depression! She feels she cannot get out of her moon because of family issues and the question of love! What are the ways I can help get her back to where she needs to be “happy”?